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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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so, yeah,. a lot to think about. >> at least 4 vehicles burned in 2 locations within blocks of each other. the search is on for whoever started these the south san francisco. people all over the world will be wearing green today in honor of saint patrick's day. not the mayors of both boston and new york. they're boycotting their city's parade this is year, because organizers refused to allow gay and lesbian groups to take part. several major corporations have also dropped sponsorship in those events. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> good morning, everyone. happy saint patrick's day, happy march 17th. >> i'm michelle gray questioning go. time now is 6:00. we start with developing news in concord. officers investigated a deadly hit and run. kpix kate gogarot live on
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willow pass road. we know the victim is a woman, and the driver drove off. >> reporter: and police are still trying to find that driver, michelle up we know roads opened about 20 minutes after investigators were here all night collecting evidence they left behind. we spoke with the public information officer a few moments aguilera. he called this a very disturbing and violent accident. that's because police say the woman was killed walking on the sidewalk when the pickup drove toward her. investigators say it appears she was either thrown or dragged on to the streets >> it'd be a very disturbing event, very violent collision, absolutely. >> i'd guess there was enough damage if you saw someone driving a -- incredibly vague, and i apologize for that, but that's all we have. >> reporter: now sergeant harrison with concord police said this happened before midnight. by the time officers arrived, the woman was dead. police are still looking for
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more information, and are trying to low kit that two- toned pickup. at this point, they say it's still too soon to see if alcohol was a factor in this accident. kpix 5. and we have a kcbs traffic alert we are watching. expect bigger delays than usual from the east bay if you are trying to cross the by. a very early morning backup. the accident approaching fourth street. they turned on the metering lights at the toll plaza. you are already jammed up beyond the overcrossing. about a good 15-minute wait already just to get you on to the span. >> and this is an injury crash. up to 3 cars involved, westbound 80 approaching 4th street coming into san francisco. looks like the back-ups extend all the way to the tunnel. so we were showing some delays. you can see once you get past 4th street, everything looks better. everything is on time. they have 45 trains, all good to go.
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just a quick mention, in concord, as kate said willow pass just reopened after an overnight fatal hit and run. that's your latest kcbs traffic. another check of your forecast. got row number to in the studio. >> good morning, everybody. the winds have really shut down in the past 30 minutes. take a look outside right now. do have clear skies, a little hint of -- otherwise temperatures 50 degrees in livermore. into the mid-50s in concord through oakland, where those winds are out of the west at 10, and santa row is a now up to 50 after experiencing so far an overnight low of 40 degrees. now today the big story is it will be cooler, 60 to 72 degrees. the extended forecast calls for the warmest day of this workweek. it will be on wednesday. that's a look at your weather. frank and michelle, good morning. >> row number to, thank you. new this morning, fire fighters in san jose put out a fire and discovered a suspected marijuana grow operation. there's now damage to much of
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the house, especially the grand jury and attic. the fair broke out at a house on la near lane. crews needed a couple of hours to get it under control. not sure if the fire was linked to a marijuana plant, but electrical wiring likely was a factor. >> a risk of lek throw cushion. had to fight the fire defensely. >> the residents are now cooperating with the investigation. there are no reports of any injuries. some developing news in south san francisco. police are looking for an arsonist -- happened late saturday night. all 4 cars just blocks from one another on grant avenue. one car so badly burned from bumper to bumper, hard to tell what kind of car it was. jessie durant was able to --
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his pickup using a garden hose. >> the way those cars blew up over there, it would have started this house on fire. we were all sleeping. the kids up there and everything. so, yeah,, a lot to think about here. >> investigators are now looking at some footage from security cameras hoping to get some possible close. 6:05. students at city college will meet today to talk about a recent fight. this all happened last thursday on the ocean campus during a protest against a new tuition payment policy. two students, 6 officers suffered some minor injuries. today's meeting happens at 4:00 p.m. in the student union upper-level lounge. more than a million people are expected to pack the streets of new york city today for the city's annual saint patrick's day parade, but as ed stein reports, it's who won't be there that's filling the spotlight. >> reporter: the big apple
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turns green for saint patrick's day. big names are refusing to join in because gay and lesbian groups aren't allowed to march openly. guinness announced it was dropping its sponsorship in the parade, an announcement that came days after heineken said it, too, was pulling its support. the beer makers aren't the only high-profile absences. last month mayor bill deblazio said they would boycott the parade. according to "the new york times," deblazio the first mayor to skip the parade in decades. groups are applauding. religious leaders have expressed outrage over the may i don't recall snub. >> we have a new kind of fascist tick movement on the part of the left trying to shove agenda down our threat throat with the help of people like d,blazio. >> in boston mayor marty walsh boycotted his city's annual parade sunday after
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negotiations to allow a pro gay group to march fell through. >> not marching in the parade. >> reporter: a sentiment heard more and more from public officials in cities throughout the u.s. i'm ed ping reporting. hundreds came out saturday to watch the chicago river go green in honor of saint patrick's day. this is the spectacle's 52nd year. lot of leprechauns will be out today in the windy city for the big saint patrick's day parade. good news for muni riders. fares are lower than in many other cities. the muni's light rail, trolley and bus service runs slower than other cities. they're generally older vehicles -- the information is from a report from the city controller that compares san francisco with other cities. the construction -- san francisco's mission bay neighborhood last week likely -- well it could have been prevented. the six-story apartment complex was framed mostly with wood until 2008.
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most high-rises in the state were required to have exterior walls made of noncombustible materials. a few years ago, building codes were reread to allow the use of wooden frame construction. makes it a lot cheaper to build. and this morning, crimea is one step closer to joining rushy. overwhelming majority of pro russian crimeans voted to see creed in ukraine. mark kelly live in the newsroom now with reaction from the west. mark? >> reporter: president obama spoke with russian president vladimir putin by telephone. the u.s. and allies threatening cold war style sanctions if moscow doesn't back down. for crimeans who want to join russia, this vote is victory. pro russian crimeans rallied after a landslide vote to reunite with moscow. this resident said, "i think a great and huge future is ahead of us together with
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russia." another said -- we are coming home. more than 80% of voters in crimea turned out sunday to show their support for the highly controversial referendum. in kiev ukraine's new government called it a circus in a conversation with vladimir putin, president obama told putin the u.s. will never recognize the vote and urged him to help resolve the crisis in crim exa diplomatly. u.s. and european leaders now plan to move forward quickly to pressure moscow. that could include travel bans and economic sanctions. >> i believe everybody will suffer if we've got to do sanctions. the only ones who can prevent this are the russians. >> reporter: and the vote is already having a ripple effect. people in the eastern ukraine indian city of domet stormed buildings sunday, pushing for a referendum to join russia as well. putin continues to say the vote complies with international law. russian lawmakers have
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suggested that formally annexing crimea, just a matter of time. >> putin appears to really be flexing his muscle, doesn't he? . >> russia raised the stakes saturday when it moved beyond the crimean peninsula taking control of a natural gas distribution plant in ukraine. the peninsula has been controlled new for 2 weeks by russian troops. >> okay. mark kelly, live in the newsroom on this monday. thank you, mark. a spooky sleepover. the chance to stay overnight at the area's most famous haunted mansion coming up. >> and somebody is going to the big dance, and it's not cal. a live report coming up. we want to know... what dris yo . >> good morning, everybody. not as warm as it will be tomorrow. the pinpoint forecast straight ahead. >> and not a very pleasant morning unfortunately for commuters trying to get into
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san francisco. if the stopped end to end on the. what drives you crazy during your commute. tweet me at -- and situation to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. tournament. kpix reporter kiet do is lit stanford with more on the competit the ncaa tournament. all starts on thursday. reporter kit dale live in stanford with more on the competition that lies ahead for the cardinals. good morning, kent. >> reporter: good morning, frank. it was a disappointing year for
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bay area basketball teams, but not for sanford. they ended a long ncaa drought, making it to the pig dance for the first time in 6 years. . >> it is their first trip since 2002, and the first since dokem took over as head coach. the cardinals one of 6 teams in the field. cal is not one of them. >> whether or not there's pressure on the coach, pressure on anybody, individually. i think just collectively as a team, we set this goal, and we wanted to accomplish it. we didn't want to let anything stand in the way. >> definitely vindicated. of course we're always reloved. you're excited to be playing, have an opportunity to win a championship. >> reporter: they'll play mountain west champion new mexico on friday in saint louis. the logos were 27-6 overall. won 14 of their last 16 games. the winner will play eastern kentucky if they get by new mexico. florida is the number-one
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overall seed. wichita state in the midwest, and fresh off winning their first tournament since the ford summation, virginia is the number-one seed in the east region. go cardinals. live in sanford, kit po. ncaa is trend being morning. also trending saint patrick's day. we have our green on. fred phelps is also trending. the west borrow church founder near death. the church has been the center of controversy over the past few years. the san jose landmark will start allowing overnight stays not in the mansion itself, but in adjacent buildings, and leona messy, the soccer star is barcelona's all-time leading scorer. you can follow us on twitter. and i have found liz has not picked a team for traffic. who do you like? . >> i like one of the north carolina teams. >> good. >> we've been instant messaging back and forth.
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let's go out to the bay bridge. if you are driving into the city, expect bigger than usual delays trying to get there. so it's a 2-car injury crash, minor injuries on the skyway. they activated the metering lights a little ahead of schedule, 5c 3. so you are looking at big backups, extending to the maze, and they may be slightly through those metering lights a little more slowly than usual. there's a lot of traffic stacked on the san francisco side of the span. looks like from the tunnel straight on out to 4th street. that's where the accident is there. a traffic alert issued. two lanes blocked, the right lane. a tight squeeze trying to get on to the skyway into downtown san francisco. bart is on time. you can car riding bart. looks like they have more than 45 trains all on schedule. for other ways around peninsula, san ma day owe bridge traffic also looks pretty good as well. you can see westbound 92 flowing out of hayward, for the most part at the speed limit. only 14 minutes now between 880 and the peninsula.
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much better news as well -- into east bay, concord. that stretch of willow pass did reopen a little ahead of schedule. they wrapped up the investigation. remains open now at 6. that's your latest kcbs traffic. another check of our beautiful forecast. here's row number to. >> right to it today. it is monday. it is march 17th. it is saint patrick's day, and your forecast today. sun. sixty degrees along the seashore to the low 70s in our inland areas. it will be cooler today than yesterday. right now, a little bit of clouds stacked up to the coast. otherwise, 55 degrees at half- moon pay. it is 50 in san jose, and low 50s throughout the trivalley. fifty-one in american canyon, back in through have a low owe. the low 50s in rovado and san rafael. . wind are beginning to dial back after very gusting winds in the overnight hours. it will be cooler today. it will be warmer tomorrow. and it will be dry all the way
6:19 am
through sunday. this right here, area of low pressure in the pacific northwest. tail end, streaming across the bay area, falling apart at the seems, but it picked up our winds last night. it will cause breezy conditions, an area of high pressure begins to build in, and we have what we allude to as a pressure gradient. so you will feel the difference temperaturewise today. tomorrow less wind than today, and some warmer conditions as a result. numberwise bringing it down from 80 degrees in liver more to 70 degrees, which is seasonal this time of year. a record high of 86 yesterday in gillroy, mid-60s in san francisco, 70 in napa, low 70s in snow ma. check this out. warmest day of the workweek will be on wednesday. spring officially arrives at 9:57 in the morning on thursday. with it, temperatures above average, and we just kind of, like, frog-leap really from winter to summer as far as temperatures
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are concerned. >> no kidding. to the beach this weekend. >> yeah. i was in santa monica. it was 87 degrees. >> there you go. >> to the east bay doing nothing. >> you were chico. >> i was in the city yesterday. >> good. march madness isn't just about basketball this year. >> and i'm dennis suval. the men making the ncaa tournament for the first time in years. and the splash brothers, can they heat up just in time for the warriors in portland. and what's cool about your school? send it to we would love to hear from you. tell us why your school is so cool. we may feature it on the program. stay with us. ,, ,,,,
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good morning, everybody. one team had team. >> final minutes, put the warriors up by 3 points. then less than 20 seconds, up 1 when clay strikes again. tom son and curry combine for 64 points. the warriors beat portland 113- 112. the sharks visiting madison square garden.
6:25 am
a garden party for adults, 4 -- 1-0 for the 6th straight win. they're even with the ducks. john pulls away from the pack to win the valspar championship. his first win since 2006 the as a result of that victory, he also gets a ticket to the masters. so we got march madness. we got the masters coming up. everybody's happy, except frank, pause cal didn't make it. see you tonight. >> my bears are in it. they need a couple more wins in their tournament. play of the day. we're going to come back. and this guy jumps in to win the valspar championship. . gave a 2-stroke lead. bearry missed a 40-foot putt. this baby is going to curl around, and just runs out of gas a little to the right.
6:26 am
so close. a 1-stroke win. and more importantly our play of the day. >> pretty good one, too. . the white house is using march madness to get people enrolled in obama care. president obama's new campaign tide to the college tournament begins this week. athletes and coaches will be part of the push to encourage americans to sign up for health care before the march 31st deadline to avoid a penalty. the white house will also release a 16 sweetest reasons to get covered bracket. the search for the missing airliner has turned into a criminal investigation. who officials are concentrateing the investigation on this morning. >> nd and i'm kate gogaron live in concord where police are trying to track down the driver involved in a fatal hit and run accident. the key details from witnesses that could help in this investigation. i ou to know stuff i want you to be smart
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the direction of the g-o-p.d the live from the cbs cities, this is kpix 5 news. republicans gather in the bay area to unite and reinvent the party. the ongoing struggle over the direction of the go p and the challenges ahead. and they're not just any burgers, mind you. how one iconic bay area restaurant is giving customers something to remember as it closes its doors for good. >> it's official. winter was officially whip by. and now the first day of spring arrives thursday. we'll have that forecast. better news now for the san francisco commute. they just reopened all lanes westbound 80. an injury crash on the skyway.
6:31 am
fortunately it is still a slow crawl. ends all across the deck a. live look at your drive to work coming up. >> good morning. time now is 6:31. this morning, police searching for a driver after a deadly hit and run. the latest developments from willow pass road. >> reporter: the road opened a few moments ago. investigators are opening with that evidence and witness description, they will be able to track down that driver. police say the accident happened just before midnight at willow pass road and 6th street. by the time officers arrived, they found the victim dead on the road. last night concord police went door to door trying to get information. witnesses told officers they were able to get a description of the vehicle.
6:32 am
>> witnesses were somewhat vague in their description. all we have at this point right now are pickup truck. a pickup truck, possibly two- toned. >> reporter: sergeant harrison said the victim was a woman from concord. called this a violent accident, because she wasn't even on the street when it happened, but she was walking westbound on the sidewalk when she was hit head on by the truck. appears she was either dragged or thrown on to the roadway. police say that truck would have suffered some front-end damage. they're hoping anyone with information will come forward. . this morning police are looking for a hit and run driver who struck an 80-year- old man. happened nine last night on vitora drive. the victim was rushed to the hospital with critical injury else. witnesses say the man was struck by a newer gold-colored pickup truck. 6:32 right now. lawrence is sleeping in this morning, but row number to is here.
6:33 am
>> the great -- >> deserves a day to sleep in. >> don't we all. >> the great ocarno. took saint patrick's day off to enjoy it. we deserved as well. if heading out the door, we do have a change in your forecast. right now let's take a look at some of the current numbers. on the chilly side, into the 50s for the most part. know why it's so chilly? the winds have been blowing out of the northwest. now dialing back, 02 hayward. otherwise low 50s, american canyon through valet owe. it is 50 degrees in santa rosa. today will be cooler than yesterday, but not as warm as it will be tomorrow. it will be dry all the way through sunday. not a hint of a raindrop in sight. today's numbers between 60 degrees pacifica, back -- to nearly 70 degrees in oakland. yesterday livermore, 83 degrees, today 70. upper 60s in san jose. the winds will be blog out of
6:34 am
the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. a bit on the breezy side. first day of spring officially arrives on thursday. with it a mild tranquil weather pattern that's your pinpoint forecast. >> thank you. checking your kcbs traffic report. we've been watch being accident coming into san francisco. the chp tells us all lanes are open, but there's still some activity there. there was an accident involving couple of cars. they did cancel the traffic alert just within the last few minutes. it was westbound 80 approaching that exit as you see there. maybe still a little bit of activity in lanes. the damage done to the by bridge commute. you can see it. it is a slow crawl in end to end from the toll plaza back to the mac arthur maze, the tunnel coming into the city. they have those two right lanes blocked for 20 minutes. want to show you what it looks like from the view of our maps and sensors. all red sensors 9 miles per hour right now once you get out of the tunnel
6:35 am
approaching treasure land. looks like traffic slows on some of the approaches, especially the east shore freeway where it's back up into berkeley. consider using bart. they have all lens on time or the bridge, still moving at the speed limit. that's your latest traffic. back to you, guys. >> a bay area man in critical condition in a hospital after being hit by a tour bus over the weekend. it happened yesterday in san francisco at 7th and mission streets. police say a super sight-seeing private tour bus there hit the man as he walked through a crosswalk. witnesses say the bus driver was racing to beat a red light. >> no way he couldn't have seen the person. there were a few people running through light. i have no idea. i know the light was changing red. he tried to make the light. he was going faster than what i think he should have been going. >> no one on the bus was injured. the bus driver and the company are cooperating, though, with investigators. a week and a half later still no sign of the missing malation jetliner.
6:36 am
as wendy gillette reports, authorities are now certain the plane's disappearance was a deliberate act, but they're no closer to figuring out where it is. >> reporter: the expanded search of land and water for the missing malation jetliner is bargain to take shape this morning. usa's prime minister said he send a request from malitia to take charge in searching the southern indian ocean where the plane may have disappeared. >> all of our agencies that could possibly help in this area are scouring their data to see if there's anything that they can add to the understanding of this mystery. >> reporter: the southern area is one of two potential routes that officials believe the jet may have taken based on satellite data. the other stretches north over several countries. >> assets are being deployed. operations have begun. >> reporter: investigators now say they don't know if one of flight 370's 2 communication systems was turned off before or after the last verbal
6:37 am
exchange between the pilot and air traffic control. officials also say they believe the co-pilot was the one who said "all right, good night" before the jet vanished. investigators -- men's homes twice, including march 9th, one day after the plane disappeared. inside the house where 03-year- old pilot lives, investigators located and removed a flight simulator seen in this video the captain posted online. today officials defended their actions saying they're doing all they can to find the missing plane. >> twenty-six countries are assisting in the search for that missing plane. a vast majority of people on the crimean peninsula voted to see creed from ukraine and join russia. the u.s. is one of many countries refusing to recognize that vote. this morning the ukraine indian government says the vote is illegal, happening just 3 weeks after russia took over crimea.
6:38 am
vladimir putin said the vote complies with international law. one congressman said putin appears to be winning. >> clearly he has set the table to his them in any negotiation going forward. >> everybody would suffer if we've got to do sanctions. but the only ones who can prevent this are the russians. >> this vote is having a ripple effect. people in other parts of ukraine stormed government buildings on sunday. they, too, want a referendum to join russia. republicans talking about the need to appeal to people outside the party's base. they met over the week at their spring convention. candidates for governor took turns speaking at the podium. they all talk about the need to have a message that unifind their republican party. but moderate republicans worry voters will be turned off by too much tea party rhetoric. >> they lack the sophistication and the will and experience of public relations. they'd rather do it the easy way, pander down.
6:39 am
>> some california republicans say the key to success is to talk about providing solutions to problem rather than just attacking the democrats. whoever wins it nomination for governor will have to go up a very well funded incumbent and governor, jerry brother. wick media is an encycle low media written collaboratively by volunteers. . first day of the workweek. up 150 points. going to get the very latest on all things financials after the break. . >> forecast straight ahead. ,, ,,,, [doorbell rings]
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has been strongly felt acro the los angeles area. it's described as motion... and got some breaking news. an earthquake has been strongly felt across the l.a. area. described as having a rolling motion, struck just a short time ago at 6:25 this morning. u.s. geological survey says it was a magnitude 4.7 centsered 6 miles north of westwood. no immediate reports of damage. that's according to the l.a. fire department. happened about 15, 20 minutes ago. happening today long-time customers will be stopping by for some suv nears from joe's cable car burgers in san francisco. they'll be getting items that have decorateed the restaurant walls for the last 5 decades. the landmark restaurant on mission street closed for good last night. > ing in can replace joe's. nobody can replace joe. he is an icon in this part of san francisco, and the burgers are pretty good, too. >> it's beautiful to find out how many people really
6:44 am
love it. >> and so many will miss him. the doctor suggested joe retire after 49 years. he said he didn't want to sell the business, because he was worried a new owner might not keep up the quality he was known for. >> they look good. >> i know. they do. wall street is watching ukraine after yesterday's vote for crimea to leave the country. >> i think they like what they see so far. here's jason gates with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. a nice rebound is underway on wall street. we had heavy selling last week on worries between the rising tensions. the vote to see creed ukraine and join russia by the crimeans no surprise to anyone whatsoever. all about -- there's growing unrest between ethnic russians, ethnic ukraine indians. you also have sanctions against moscow. until we start to see more of those developments, wall street at least right now is focusing on other
6:45 am
decent news. a rebound on u.s. manufacturing out put last month and also industrial production rising as well. you've got the fed meeting this week, too. the first unchaired by new chair janet yellen. it's expected the fed will continue its bond-favoring moves. so far so good on wall street. take a look at the big board, see how we're doing. dow up 160 points. nasdaq is adding 48, s and p up by 18. you've got yahoo and toes la leading the sector, toes la up 3%. shares up by about 4%. michelle and frank back to you. >> all right. thank you. time now is 6:45. a check of traffic from miss liz winger. take it away. thanks, guys. going to back to our hot spot. it is definitely the bay bridge trying to get into san francisco. westbound 80 was on the skyway, and it wasn't there for very long, but it was long enough to do a lot of dodge for that westbound ride.
6:46 am
want to show you what it looks like. they're trying to reduce the amount of cars on the bay bridge itself. so that's why traffic is so backed up. you're looking at between 30 and 40 minutes just to get you on to the bridge. so once again all lanes are open. but if you are looking for alternates, bart, like i said, is on time. we noticed more people looking for the san ma day owe bridge as well, westbound 92, 880 to 101, looking about 14 minutes right now. also once again bart on time. you can see those trains headed
6:47 am
into san francisco, and westbound 580 through the altamont pass and the liver more valley more than a half hour in those lanes. that's kcbs traffic. here is row number to. >> a lot of green on your screen there. >> some green. >> i have no green on any of my weather maps as far as precipitation is understand concerned. good morning, everybody, on this saint patrick's day. top of the morning to you. high thin clouds racing across the sky. those clouds are driven by westerly winds at this hour. livermore winds have dialed back, 52 degrees there, san francisco in the mid-50s with the winds under 10 miles per hour. it is 54 degrees in san jose, winds overnight kicked up. additional gusts along the coasts this area of low pressure. from the pacific northwest took a huge nose dive into the state of california. we just got whipped by the tail end of it. no precipitation for us. with the passage of that front, you will notice the difference.
6:48 am
it will be cooler today. as this ridge of high pressure continues to try to nudge its way back into our forecast, the pressure gradient. those northwesterlies will flow 10 to 20. tomorrow less wind and some warmer conditions. we still have that high surf advisory in place all the way to monoray bay up until about 8:00 this morning. will begin to slowly go down. temperatures also slowly going down. sixty in pacifica. eighty degrees yesterday in livermore. upper 60s in san jose. warmest day of the workweek will be on wednesday. spring officially arrives on thursday. frank and michelle have a good day. one official using technology to let everyone in on the law-making process. >> how state assemblyman mike gata is changing the way citizens partake in law making. >> like this?
6:49 am
. >> love this. i am all over this. silicon valley and san francisco technology friendly area is going to be really keen on this. let's begin at the beginning. we all know what wick media is. it's an online encycle low media where you or i can add to any of entries. there are wikis for recipes, music, even pop culture. what about a wiki law? one politician is trying just that. mike gatto is a senate assemblyman from burr bank. he created a wiki page for a law where anyone could suggest changes and leave comments. in his very first attempt at a wiki law, asks people to contribute their thoughts about california's pro bait code. a pro pate is the law of what to do with people's stuff when they die. a very small specific area of the law, but he wanted to start small so he could try out the system. as you can see people can
6:50 am
suggest changes in yellow or strike out parts and leave comments there on the side of the screen. you click on those little icons listed on the right-hand side to read them. now each person also has to set up a profile when they contribute so you can see who they are. as you can see there are some lawyers, some advocates, and even some people not in california. now the wiki page is closed now. gato said he will take the final draft and introduce it as a bill in the assembly. >> sounds interesting, but what about the argument you should let the profession unless draft the legal cause? . >> a great point. there's certainly some issues about letting the public come together to write a law. but the bill still has to go through the usual legislative process with committee hearings, amendments and votes. there's lot to review before anything becomes a law, even where the public is coming together to create it. >> what's the point of getting all the input? right, exactly. well because according to gatto our representatives often get ideas for new laws
6:51 am
from lobbyists, and this is a way to find other ideas. also he said voters feel pretty disconnected from the whole legislative process. this is a way to get people involved. he said he'll do wiki law again and he's asking all colleagues to try to do one bill this session using a wiki. likely to see more of this to come. >> thank you. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us. i'm sure he's got his bracket ready to fill out live on the big show. morning, charlie. >> just go duke all the way, frank. i'm telling you. >> good morning. >> we are following this morning's earthquake in los angeles. also seth is in ma laboria, looking into the pilot of flight 370. mike more el joins us this morning with what surprises him about the investigation so far, plus the 3 berkeley alums held captive for years are in studio 57 together. they'll tell us about their
6:52 am
experience and how life has changed since they returned home. all 3 use the fender desperateocast guitar to revolutionize music. we'll go inside the plant as the iconic instrument turns 60. the news is back in the morning, and we'll see you at 10 >> sounds good. >> and we like your green tag. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> happy saint pat's day to you. time now is 6:52. if you're not wearing green, get ready to be pinned. who's making a statement by not taking part in the celebration. . >> what we're learning about victim and how this whole thing happened. ,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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get a free quote at their vote to break with uke and join russia. during a phone conversation with rus 5 thing to know. people in crimea are celebrating their vote to break with ukraine and join with russia. president obama condemn the move, saying the international community will never recognize the referendum. and more than a week, the missing malation airline flight still the object of a massive multinational search. authorities believe the plane's communication system was deliberately disabled before it veered off course, and that 1 or perhaps both pie lots may be responsible for the lodging of that aircraft. people all over the world will be wearing green today in honor of saint president rick's day, but not the mayors of both boston and new york. they're boycotting their city's parades this year, because organizers refused to allow gay and lesbian
6:57 am
groups to take part. search on for an arsonist who searched cars. four vehicles block from one another on grant avenue all set on fire late saturday night, one car so badly burned from bumper to bumper you could not tell what kind of car it was. firefighters in southeast san jose put out a fire overnight and discovered a suspected marijuana grow operation. right now not certain the fire was link to the plant, but electrical wiring likely was a factor. live in concord where police are looking for the driver involved in a fatal hit and run accidents. investigators were on scene all night gathering investigation. called this very disturbing and violent. that's because police say the woman killed was walking on the sidewalk when the pickup truck drove toward her off the roadway. investigators say it appears she was even thrown or dragged. now concord police say this happened before midnight. by the time officers arrived on scene, the woman was dead. now police are looking for more
6:58 am
information, and thaw ear trying to locate a 2- ton pickup truck. reporting live, kpix 5. a moderate earthquake has hit the l.a. area. it's described as having a rolling motion. struck about 6:25 this morning. u.s. geological survey says it was a magnitude 4.4, centered 6 miles north of westwood in the santa monica mountains. no reports of damage according to the fire department. the quake hit during the morning newscast kpbs l.a.. >> whoa, whoa. >> big earthquake right now. >> big earthquake. >> that's a really strong shake there right now. >> strong jolt, and it's still -- >> right now. this is quite a jolt. >> and we can still feel cigarette still feeling it. >> our sister station feeling the quake as it happens live on the air. you can feel, you can see. they were shaking pretty badly
6:59 am
down there. >> scary stuff. here is a live look, k cbs traffic. right now you can see the back- ups, the worst of the traffic now, east of treasure island. a view from up chopper 5. we had that earlier traffic alert on skyway. that messed this morning's commute from the east bay into the city. again all lanes reopened about a half hour ago, be to damage has really been done. they've been cycling through those lights so slowly. you can see it. on the east shore freeway right now the backups begin right around golden gate feel. row number to? taking action today. good morning, everybody. it will be cooler today than yesterday. numberwise the 60s at the beaches to the low 70s our inland areas, and we do have your extended forecast. the first day of spring will be on thursday, but warmest day of this workweek will be on wednesday, back into the 80s >> there you go. >> we like it. >> we do. >> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. next local update at 7:26.
7:00 am
>> cbs this morning up next. enjoy your monday, everybody. good morning. it's monday morning. march 17th, 2014. welcome to "cbs morning." new questions about the pilots and new details about the 2 million square-mile search for malaysia flight 370. plus, the inside of mike morel on what surprises him most about the investigation. winter's finality fight. millions face a storm already shutting down the nation's capital. and happy st. patrick's day. the mayors of two america's largest cities boycott their parades. the big sponsors. we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world. in 90 seconds. malaysia officials believe it was the co appointment who


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